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The Warrant

Posted by WHIZZ COMICS GROUP on November 9, 2014 at 9:30 PM

It was a dark, wet, steamy night. The sound of the city was faint in the distance. The scent of blood and feces lingers in the air. She was strung up and gutted like a pig, her blood dripping on the hot, wet pavement of the dark alley. I have seen this before in London last August. The killer has crossed an ocean, as if to taunt me. I will not be taunted. I will not be broken. This is my city. She talks to me and soothes my anger. I am hers and she is mine. I am the Warrant and I will find justice for this girl.

The police have no idea what is to come. This is only the first of many more senseless killing of young Jewish girls. They are all the same: brown hair, brown eyes, early twenties, and college students. He will not get away with this. He slipped away in London, Madrid, Cairo, Singapore, but now he is in my yard, my house, my home. I will find him. I will extract justice. I am the Warrant.

Night after night women live in fear. Night after night the police are on duty in droves, looking for this twisted individual. He is out there and I will find him. He has evaded me until now. I must not fail. After all, I am the Warrant. I am the bringer of justice to victims of violence. I will become violence if necessary. They are blind to the truth. I know the truth because I have eyes that enable me to observe, ears that enable me to listen, a nose that enables me to distinguish, and a brain that enables me to deduct. These gifts enable me to know. I know the guilty party. Tonight I take him down. Tonight justice will be served. Tonight my city will be able to sleep, if only for a few moments, in security.

He thinks he is clever. He is more clever than most, this twisted killer. He has evaded not only the police of this Superior City, but also me. Tonight I extract justice. I become justice. I become vengeance. I become the judge. I become the jury. I become JUSTICE. I am the Warrant. He is a coward. He is in my sights. Him, in his nice blue uniform. Him, with his shiny, black shoes. Him, with his night stick. Him, with the trust of the city.....MY CITY.....on his shoulders; this vile waste of human flesh. I now understand why he was so hard to find. He is one of them. One of those sworn to protect. At least he was. Justice has been served. I am the Warrant. It is a warm, fall night. The scent of blood and feces is in the air..........

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